Create the Journey
We Are Human Design is a Brand Experience Design Firm specialising in retail design, commercial design and graphic design.
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Understanding the interaction between people, place & product.


At We Are Human we design to engage the end user, creating a journey to inspire confidence between client, consumer, environment and object.


As humans we react and interact with our immediate environment, whether an object in our hands or a room in which we sit, what surrounds us affects us. Even that which is implied has an affect on how we use and perceive our immediate surroundings.


The combined design services at We Are Human ensures that our clients gain the highest level of expertise. This is achieved through a team consisting of graphic, product and interior designers as well as partnerships with project managers, printers, manufacturers and builders. We also have associations with international design agencies to aid our global client needs.




More than just a logo…


Brand is the relationship between all aspects of your company. It’s everything from the logo to the product you sell. It should be reflected in environment, product and the service you provide. It is the foundation of the relationship between you and your customers.


Thus, brand should be considered in all avenues of the design process, whether print, media or architecture. Every element should be working together to strengthen and elevate the brand identity.



Why is space planning so important?


Space planning is part of the design process that optimise’s flow and movement. Whether an office, a hotel lobby or a retail store the space needs to be planned in order to function at 100% of its potential. This is achieved through an understanding of how humans interact with their immediate environment.


A professionally designed and developed space can greatly influence the amount of human interaction within any given environment. In a retail situation space planning will help encouraging new customers, return visits and thereby aid with increasing average sales.



Bringing brand and space together


Design is the fundamental understanding of aesthetics and function. It is through design that we are able to create the balance of space and brand required to build a successful business. This is done by establishing the brand as a graphic element including logo, colours and visuals. Then looking at how these can be implemented into the architecture of the space that they are going to be associated with.


At We Are Human we provide the professional design services required to create an aesthetically pleasing and functional environment in order for you to run your business successfully.


Define the Space

Recognise the potential of the whole space. Typically the majority of sales are generated out of the first 2 to 3 metres of the store.


A well designed store will generate a more even spread of sales which in turn will aid with increasing average sales.

Implementing Brand and Space Planning into a retail scenario will aid with:


• Increasing Average Sales
• Attracting New Customers
• Decreasing Walk Outs
• Increasing Repeat Visits

Guide the Customers


Guide the customers around 100% of the sale space and make sure there is access across the space giving the customers the freedom to explore without feeling forced.


This is all accomplished with properly positioned entry, floor coverings, key destinations and fixtures.

Categories & Adjacencies


Create clear categories and intelligent product adjacencies. Complementary product placement greatly aids with increasing average sales.


A great example of this would be the placing cheese and crackers next to each other or iPhones opposite iPhone accessories. Adjacencies increase buyer awareness and in turn aid with increasing average sales.

Brand Implementation


Introduce the brand clearly and consistently throughout the retail space.


Your companies brand should be recognisable for the whole of the customers journey, from the shop front to the internal categories, visual merchandising, graphics and service areas.


A retail store should be designed to increase the brands presence, aiding with the customers awareness of the brand and what it stands for.



Creating and implementing a successful retail store design directly relates to the execution of the space planning and branding.


Through good professional design a retail store can be turned into to a success story. A well planned and branded store has great influence over owner and staff pride as well as customer use and desire to return.


For more information please feel free to contact us at ‘We Are Human’ on:
p: +61 (0) 3 9029 0749
m: +61 (0) 430 129 123